Image: When It Breaks It Burns. A group of young people dancing under multi-coloured lights. Photo by JMA Photography.


Battersea Arts Centre is a hub for everyone’s creativity.

In our building and beyond, we make and present new live and digital performance, live events and creative programmes for all.  To make all this happen, we work with artists, producers, partner organisations, young people and our local community.

Through our Creative Development Programme, we use our resources to give people the space to play, experiment, fail and grow. Some of our smallest spaces have been home to the earliest sparks of projects that have gone on to tour the world.

We are open to hearing ideas for all kinds of work.

We are especially interested in theatre and performance that’s devised or co-created; that’s mischievious; that pushes boundaries; that challenges audiences and offers alternative perspectives on the world.

We’re also a home for spoken word, live art, intimate and immersive performance, as well as theatre for children and young people.

Generally we don’t support the development of plays and we don’t read unsolicited scripts.

Get in touch

If you would like to talk to us about an idea or a project please email:

While we can’t support all proposals we receive, we will consider and respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible. We recommend looking at our website for more information about our programme and to consider why you want to work with us.