An image of the BAC Beatbox Academy. A group of six young people in Battersea Arts Centre's Council Chamber: an old town hall building with wooden panels on the walls.

Frankenstein: How To Make a Monster

Sunday 25 October, 11pm on BBC Four

BAC Beatbox Academy’s smash hit live production has been reimagined for film.

Six talented performers interpret Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein from their own perspective as young people growing up in 21st-century Britain.

Two hundred years after the 18-year-old Mary Shelley wrote the text, they explore how modern monsters are created in today’s society. This musical film is part performance, part documentary, with the cast’s voices as the only instruments.

Bringing their own interpretation of the Frankenstein story to life with a dazzling array of vocal talents including rap, beatboxing and song, the cast create a breathtaking musical soundscape filled with memorable original tracks.

Made in partnership with BBC Arts and The Space as part of Culture In Quarantine.