Let's Do London: Call Out


We’re calling on London’s uniquely talented artists and creative freelancers to apply with work to be funded as part of the Mayor’s ‘Let’s Do London’ campaign.

This summer, we’re working with Greater London Authority (GLA) and Found In Music to award cultural grants totaling £190,000 for innovative and entertaining artistic projects aimed at Londoners, tourists, families and young people to be presented during October Half Term (23 – 31 Oct 2021)

If you are a creative with work that is ready for presentation, find out more about the process, including added support sessions for your proposals, and apply below to support the reawakening of our vibrant city.

Let’s Do London is a new campaign launched by the Mayor of London, Visit London, Transport for London and backed by industry, bringing together the capital’s world-leading hospitality, culture, nightlife and retail venues to promote all London has to offer.


Let's London #LetsDoLondon in red and black lettering



This is a recording of our support Q&A session with our submissions panel.

Please watch for further supplementary information regarding your proposal.


We will be awarding grants to freelance artists and creative producers (Self employed and/or Sole Director of Limited Companies) who are:

  • Living in London
  • Work in or have significant connections to London
  • Who were London based and had to relocate temporarily due to Covid-19

Proposing work that is:

  • Able to be presented during the October Half Term: Sat 23 – Sun 31 Oct 2021
  • Ready for presentation – with minimal reworking
  • Aimed at London based families, young audiences, tourists, day trippers and local residents.
  • Fun, entertaining, surprising and encourages people back into the centre of London
  • Is experienced by audiences live (e.g. the piece could be pre recorded but the audience must experience it live in London).
  • Presentable in a format that an audience member can walk by/stand and watch to experience
  • Able to be presented in outdoor or public indoor spaces (e.g a station forecourt)
  • Presentable with minimal tech
  • Presentable with minimal get in and get out time

We will not be funding work:

  • That requires additional funding to stage/install
  • That requires site specific logistics
  • That is specifically design based without a performance element


We will be considering grants from £2,500 to £10,000 to cover the presentation of your work. We will require you, as part of the application process, to submit a breakdown of all projected production costs.

If performance guidelines change due to Covid-19 restrictions and guidelines, we are committed to working with artists to deliver adapted/delayed presentations in this instance.

We will be paying all freelance artists selected regardless of any future changes.


Fri 13 Aug: Call out goes live.

Wed 18 Aug: Online workshop for questions with submission panel (Further details to be announced here & on our socials)

Fri 20 Aug: Applications open for submission.

Fri 27 Aug: Online workshop for questions with submission panel (Further details to be announced here & on our socials)

Mon 6 Sept: Final deadline for applications at 10am.

W/C Mon 13 Sept: Applicants notified of the result of their application.

Fri 17 Sept: Deadline for successful applicants to accept/decline their grant.

W/C Mon 20 Sept: Grants processed to artists.

W/C Mon 27 Sept: Found In Music starts performance space allocation. Artists begin rehearsals.

Sat 23 – Sun 31 Oct: Projects presented live across London.

W/C Mon 1 Nov: Start of evaluation process with artists.


Once applications are open, apply by filling out an application and equal opportunities form via the buttons below.

There are sections where you can include an audio clip or video to answer a question. Please provide these as Dropbox or Wetransfer links in the sections provided underneath the questions.

To submit please email LetsDoLondon2021@bac.org.uk by 10am 6 Sept with the subject  ‘Let’s Do London Proposal Submission’ and your project/company name. Any proposals sent after this date will not be considered.





We are interested in and encourage applications from disabled artists or those under represented in the creative sector.

Your proposals will be assessed and longlisted by two freelancers from a selected group engaged with this project.

These will then be shortlisted by:

  • Freelancers
  • Delivery Partners
  • Representative from BAC
  • Representative from the Mayor’s Office

Deadline for applications: 10am 6 Sept 2021