An image of an artist wearing a red and black striped long tshirt holds a microphone to a young child with blonde hair under green and pink flourescent lights.

Moving Roots: Call Out

The Moving Roots Touring Network are on the lookout for pre-existing co-created live shows.

The Moving Roots Touring Network are looking for pre existing co-created live shows that could be re-created with people in Wigan, Peterborough, East Cardiff and Medway. We define co-created shows as an artist working with a group of people who are not necessarily (but could be) professional artists to re-create a show about the stories, hopes and wants of the people it represents.

Moving Roots is a collective of arts organisations; Battersea Arts CentreLyrici Arts, Common WealthThe Old Courts and Jumped Up Theatre, from across the UK (London, Medway, Cardiff, Wigan and Peterborough.)

Moving Roots wants to make social change through co-creation


We want to work with an artist or company from approximately September 2021 to August 2022 to prepare, develop, make and present the shows in Medway, Cardiff, Peterborough and Wigan. We could be flexible about these dates.

There is up to £100k for this work. 

We are looking for a show that:

  • Has been done before
  • Could be re-created with four different communities across the UK
  • Creates social change
  • Is artistically excellent and exciting
  • Is important to working-class people (or communities) and people who don’t usually get to participate in the arts
  • Brings joy and change

We are looking for artists:

  • Who have similar lived experiences to people in Wigan, Peterborough, East Cardiff and Medway
  • Who are open and excited about adapting their work
  • Who will be flexible and respond to people’s changing needs and to changing condition

This year’s show is Rent Party by Darren Pritchard; A performance party inspired by the traditions of the Harlem Renaissance Rent Parties, re-created by local artists in Wigan, Medway, East Cardiff and Peterborough.


“Being broke never looked so fierce” ***** The Stage


If you’re interested in this project and feel like your work matches what we’re looking for, we’d love to hear from you.

Express Your Interest

If you have any questions about the project or or if you need any support or have any questions about the expression of interest, please get in touch with Christie who manages Moving Roots for Battersea Arts Centre on

Deadline for Expressions of Interest is 26 April, 10am.

We will invite a shortlist of applicants for conversations with the project partners between 3 – 24 May and aim to have made a final decision by Mon 7 June.