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What If...? A Live Reality Show!

8 OCT – 26 NOV

What if… all creative control on a project was put in the hands of the community, in partnership with artists?

What If…? A Live Reality Show! follows Hadas Hagos, CEO of local surplus food sharing charity Waste Not Want Not Battersea, artists Hunt & Darton and emerging producer Lorra Videv as they invite the cameras in to capture an ambitious experiment in co-creation.

We will be going behind-the-scenes on our Instagram every Thursday at 5pm, with exciting new content on how the project’s coming along… what they’ll be working on? You’ll have to wait and see!

What If…? is created in partnership with a local community group as a live reality show experience, leaving all creative decision in the hands of the participants. Think Bake Off meets Gareth Malone’s The Choir. Or not quite Bake Off and not quite The Choir… but something like that… or maybe not like that… who knows? It’s up to them!

Check in each week to see how the action unfolds…

Created in collaboration by Hadas Hagos CEO of Waste Not Want Not Battersea, Hunt & Darton and Lorra Videv. 

Part of our Make/Love Season #MakeLove2020


Each new episode of What If…? A Live Reality Show! will be broadcast via IGTV on our Instagram channel each week!

Tune in on Thursdays at 5pm for brand new instalments on the co-created project and find out more about the artists by heading to their social media @wastenotwantnot_battersea, @huntanddarton & @lvidev.

Don’t have Instagram? What If…? will also be broadcast via our Facebook and the final footage will be collated on our YouTube channel.