What Will People Need

What Will People Need?

Feb – Jun 2021

An installation by artist Jo Fong in Battersea Arts Centre and online.

What Will People Need? is a project that invites us to join the conversation, look gently to the future and acknowledge what and who we need to remember. 

Announced as a response to our building becoming Wandsworth’s Community Vaccination Centre, What Will People Need? is an installation of posters throughout Battersea Arts Centre that encourage local visitors to give their thoughts on what we can do to bring ourselves through these difficult times; posing questions and collating answers as an archive of voices for the past year.
Centred on the discussion of ‘What is Community?’, artist and keen gardener Jo Fong’s work revolves around bringing people together and defining how, as a collective, we can find the small things that keep us going.

With special thanks to artists Sonia Hughes.

Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre and supported by Arts Council England and Future Arts Centre, marking the National Lottery’s 25th birthday.

This is one of 40 new projects taking place in and around 40 arts centres as part of Here and Now, a national and local celebration of culture within communities.



Created by Jo Fong 

Design Digital Artist: Lisa Mattocks

Artist Advisor and Friend: Sonia Hughes