An image of the back Wayne Jackson on stage under dimmed lighting and smoke.

From Me to Us

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Time: Available to stream any time between the 10-16 May.

Tickets: Pay What You Can (suggested price £6)

Running Time: 1hr

Age Guidance: N/A

To watch the performance, you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer.

Wayne Steven Jackson addresses his future child in this autobiographical filmed theatre performance exploring single father surrogacy.


I can’t pinpoint the exact moment I realised I wanted to have children. I think I always put it to the back of my mind, because I was single, because I was gay. I mean, they are two pretty big barriers to traditional conception.


The law changes all the time. A continuous catalogue of amendments, acts, and appeals, and just one more signature on yet another piece of paper. But in 2019, something shifted and the law in the UK changed dramatically… to allow for single father surrogacy.


From one small piece of legislation, an impossible story grew. For the first time, I could begin to imagine – who you were and who I could become.


Wayne Steven Jackson’s From Me to Us explores the possibilities of LGBTQ+ parenthood, navigating his hopes and fears as a future father alongside the practicalities of surrogacy, whilst documenting political change. With music composed by BAFTA and Academy Award winner Chris Benstead (GravityThe GentlemanNo Time to Die) and videography by Ben Horrigan for Studio 91 Media.

“… a beautiful piece of art, lovingly made, and a testament to the joy that can be found in the strangest places” ★★★★ The Stage

‘A powerful piece of performance art… emotive and beautifully written’
★★★★ West End Best Friend

“Captivating from start to finish… spoken straight from the heart”
★★★★ Love London Love Culture

“A quiet, sweet love letter to the small struggling shifts that open big, joyful possibilities”
The Upcoming


Supported by Arts Council England, Contact, hAb, Word of Warning and Brilliant Beginnings.


Part of our Wild Times Season


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  • Discussion of pregnancy & surrogacy
  • Discussion of discrimination against gay men.
  • Brief description of a surrogacy procedure.

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