Two people wearing costumes that look like wood are standing in front of a wood-effect backdrop. The have wooden poles attached to their noses. They are facing each other and the poles on their noses are touching.

How To Connect With Us

We research and travel as much as possible to experience new work and connect with artists.  

We tend to approach artists directly about collaborating with us and we generally make these approaches to artists whose work we have experienced. Therefore, the best way to start a conversation about developing or presenting work with BAC is by inviting us to experience the work live or digitally.  

We recommend that you consider how your work aligns with BAC and why you want to work with us before getting in contact.

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Producing Team

Pelin Basaran (she/her) Head of Programming 
Ella Gamble (she/her) Programme Producer 
Mary Osborn (she/her) Creative Development Producer 
Aidan Strudwick (he/him/they/them) Assistant Producer 
Ash Williams (she/her) Producer 


Contact Us - Producing


    Please fill in the below fields if you are inviting us along to attend your work live.
  • * We understand that complimentary tickets are often not possible, particularly if you are dependent on ticket income.

    Due to capacity, we can only commit to watching up to 6 minutes of video footage. If the video clip is longer, please indicate which part of the video you would like us to watch otherwise we may only end up watching the first 6 minutes. You can do this using timecodes e.g. 2mins – 8mins. Please also make sure you have included any passwords.
  • Please provide a dropbox/google drive/or youtube/vimeo link.
  • You can send up to 150 words about yourself/the company and the project you want to share with us.



Send an invitation for a live show or video clip using the above contact form. 


The BAC Producing team will read your invitation and information about your work or watch the video clip. If the work aligns with our priorities, we will try to attend the show. If unable to attend, we may request a video clip or explore future opportunities to experience the work. If the work doesn’t align, attending the performance will not be prioritised. 

We aim to respond within one month, but this may take longer in busy periods.


After we experience the work live or on video, we will share our experience at regular producing team meetings. We will discuss how the work aligns with our priorities and explore ways to support the work. If support is feasible, we will contact you to arrange a follow-up meeting where we will discuss potential collaborations and options for working together now or in the future.