An image from the show Mask of the Red Death. A red hue lights the stage as audience sit cross legged on either side. Light shades hang suspended from the ceiling as a woman dressed in white floats in the centre.

Our Story

The front of our building, a Victorian town hall made from pale stone and red brick. The Battersea Arts Centre sign is extended from the entrance in red and blue with yellow lettering.

Battersea Arts Centre is a hub for everyone’s creativity, based in an iconic building with a radical history, the old Battersea Town Hall.

We support people to take creative risks to inspire change, locally, nationally and globally.

Since 1974, Battersea Arts Centre has pioneered creative change.

This building, and the people who make it special, have transformed the lives of young people, kick-started creative careers, and helped communities connect through making and sharing art. Our Scratch Bar has seen friendships and creative relationships born, and our smallest spaces have been home to the earliest sparks of projects that have gone on to tour the world.

We see ourselves as a creative hub, meaning we use our resources to give creative people the space to play, experiment, fail and grow. We call this Scratch.

For us, everyone is creative, and we exist to support our community to discover their creativity through co-creation. We might provide the tools, the space and the time, but the ideas and invention are yours.

In 2015, Battersea Arts Centre’s Grand Hall was destroyed by fire. In 2018, we relaunched our newly restored Grand Hall with The Phoenix Season, and welcomed thousands of people back into our building.

We know what it is to discover resilience and inspiration in adversity, and in these difficult times we are determined to continue championing the transformative power of creativity, and being there for the communities who need us.


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