A postcard from Cardiff

shwmae! sut wyt ti?
croeso i cymru
croeso i caerdydd
welcome to Wales
welcome to Cardiff
I promise you it’s one of the
coolest cities in the world
you just don’t know yet
just give me a sec
to compose myself and catch my breath
and tell you why cardiff is the best

we’ve got history
and it all stems from the bay
formerly known as tiger bay but
now known as cardiff bay
once belonged to the working
class but is now gentrified
shops, bars, Millennium Centre
and truthfully a beautiful
waterfront to accompany it
I like roller skating around the area
Just to vibe out, you might like it too

Ooo there’s also some beautiful
welsh cakes made in the bay
and only in the bay

Our city centre
Is one to remember
We’ve got a castle in the middle of it
Cardiff Castle / Castell Caerdydd
Just a couple minutes down the
road the Principality Stadium
where you’ll hear the national
anthem screaming when the rugby is on
Cymru am bath!

Now that touristy bits are done
Let me bring you more locally
CF3 is the place to be
Rumney, Llanrumney, St Mellons and Trowbridge
4 areas together and it’s not crowded
It’s just right
we have 2 lakes, Lamby and Hendre
The walks around them are bliss
Complete zen
And Rumney Hill Gardens?

See, one thing about Cardiff is
you’ve got the right balance.
You can breathe here.
You can relax.
You can also get shit done.
Come by, stay for a day, stay for
two days actually stay for a week.
If you like what you see
you can stay forever
it’s quite cheap
but you have to say…
Cymru am Byth!