A postcard from Wigan

i have some feelings and thoughts
about this beautiful town up north
when it rains we still wear shorts
of course
I’m talking about Wigan
over 100,000 of us in population
we could meet in menses park
for a walk or a conversation
we could see the flower beds
a pool
and mini golf too to test your cool
on the topic of sports
we’ve got it all
when it comes to football and rugby
DW stadium the home to the
Warriors and the Athletic
championships upon championships
the numbers are quite extravagant
especially with history on our side
we’re doing good, we’re doing alright
we just need the owners to say bye

it wasn’t always this way
the industrial revolution had a
big part to play
economic expansion
population rising
Wigan became a major mill town
and coal mining district
signed sealed and finished in 1966
a new time
a new era
for Wigan
let’s go for a spin on the three sisters circuit
because we’re going forwards
never reversing
and it’s a race to the finish line
which everyone can enjoy
family, friends, work colleagues
just a reminder again to bring a brolly

there’s a whole lot of nature around us
whether that’s the Flashes or
Haigh woodland park
the greenery completes
Wigan’s scenery
alongside the Pier
George Orwell documented it
best about the living conditions
of the working class
84 years later things are
different but we’re still working class
And we’re working class
through and through
no shame, just pride, survival and joy
And that’s what makes Wigan