We’re delighted to be able to continue BAC’s bold Pay What You Can scheme for another season. We believe passionately in the accessibility of art and culture for everyone, and that no one should be excluded because of their financial circumstances, particularly now, when so many are struggling. And this year we’ve already seen the benefits, with more first-time visitors to BAC than ever before, with many saying they simply can’t afford tickets elsewhere. Our tickets usually start at £8, and we have recommended pricing to help you to choose a price that works for you. If anyone feels they need to pay under £8 they can contact the Box Office, on or call 0207 223 2223 to get a cheaper ticket.

We know that ticket price is a huge barrier for some, and the Pay What You Can model offers people who can afford to pay the recommended price or more the chance to support others who can’t.


For our brilliant autumn season, I am delighted that the vast majority of our tickets will continue to be Pay What You Can. This applies to the world-class, ground-breaking international and national performances that we are bringing to South London. I am very proud of the quality and boldness of this work, and want as many people to experience it as possible.

– Tarek Iskander


What is Pay What You Can?

For the majority of performances at Battersea Arts Centre, you can choose to pay a price that works for you. On the booking page, there are multiple prices to choose from, and to help you with this decision, we have included a recommended price per ticket. This recommended price is what we’d traditionally charge for tickets, and any amount paid over this will help us continue to offer tickets on a Pay What You Can basis for as long as possible, whilst helping to support our activities with artists, young people and our local community.


How does it work?

For Pay What You Can events:

  • Select the performance date
  • Choose how many tickets you want
  • Use the dropdown to choose your desired ticket price

The dropdown will default to the recommended price per ticket to give you a rough guide.

Does it matter what price I pay?

Tickets usually start from £8. If you’re able to pay over the suggested price, this will help us continue to offer this pricing model for as long as possible, removing the barrier of ticket cost for those who most need it.

Why is it not available for every performance?

We’ve been offering tickets on a Pay What You Can basis for every performance since April 2021, and we’ve seen how impactful this has been on helping people to see our shows. Those who are able to pay a little more have been supporting our lowest ticket prices, allowing more people than ever to visit BAC for the first time. However, in order for us to continue the scheme for as long as possible, we’ve decided to offer Pay What You Can for the majority of performances, rather than the entire run. There will still be multiple performances available on a Pay What You Can basis, with tickets starting at £8, and we’ll continue to keep ticket prices as low as we can for performances without this offer.

Any questions?

Email us at