A headshot of Danielle Honger with a pastel wall in the background. Danielle has black hair tied on top of her head that curls below her shoulders, wears square glasses, a black hoodie and a silver necklace

A response to #BlackLivesMatter – Danielle Honger & Fitzgerald Honger

Danielle Honger is part of Battersea Arts Centre’ Agency programme, which empowers young people to create change in their community. Her business, Unrestricted LDN, aims to showcase black girl joy and to challenge the stereotype of the ‘angry black girl’.

Danielle has worked with her brother, Fitzgerald Honger, on a response to the Black Lives Matter movement using spoken word and a video collage of protest photography.

‘Seeing innocent black people being killed by the hand of the police leaves me speechless, hurt and defeated. I pray with movement their voices with finally be heard.’ Danielle Honger

‘I truly believe with the movement it can shift the narrative and help black people paint their own stories.’ Fitzgerald Honger

Danielle’s piece was one of three microcomissions offered to young black artists, inviting them to share a creative response to the #BlackLivesMatter movement.


When will you understand
When will you see the pain
When will you learn love
How many bodies need to be buried for a change to come
How many generations
My black is beautiful
To be afraid when you see us in numbers
You’re mislead
We’re powerful in numbers
It’s time to hold those accountable
Black Lives Matter