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From February 2024

Time Quest

Step into Battersea Arts Centre and experience a time-bending, mind-wobbling journey!

1 March

Flo & Joan, Travis Jay and Josh Weller

Gather your friends and enjoy laugh out loud comedy from some of the hottest up-and-coming comedians on the circuit.

13 March

London Philharmonic Orchestra: Seven Deadly Sins 2024

Soprano extraordinaire Danielle de Niese stars in The Seven Deadly Sins.

The Figs in Wigs company standing a line wearing dark orange boiler suits with bee-keeper style hoods.

14 - 27 March

Big Finish

Figs in Wigs

Tuck in your tailcoats because this ship’s setting sail and there’s rough seas ahead… Figs in Wigs return with their unique theatrical blend of live art, comedy and dance.

Two people, a dog and various woodland creatures gather around a single tree. Illustration by Louise Boulter

2 - 6 April

Four Seasons

Little Bulb

Four Seasons is a theatrical love letter to nature for children and their families.

Laura Murphy is swinging on a rope that is coiled around their bare torso. They are wearing blue denim jeans. The background is dark and their is a soft light shining on them from above. Image credit Holly Revell

23 - 27 April

A Spectacle of Herself

Laura Murphy

A cinematic, [in]appropriately acrobatic ride through mental health, queerness, rage & 21st Century space race.

A woman stares sombrely at the camera, mascara smudged around her eyes. A second woman kisses her cheek while a third looks on.

23 April - 18 May

Blue Beard

Wise Children

Multi-award-winning Emma Rice returns to BAC's Grand Hall with a new, fearless reimagining of the classic tale, Blue Beard.

Katy Baird sitting on dumpster bins. On their left is a pile of full rubbish bags, and on their right is a collectioin of pale pink heart shaped balloons. Katy is wearing a white lace dress and white trainers.

8 - 25 May

Get Off

Katy Baird

Join dedicated hedonist and self-proclaimed hot-mess, Katy Baird as she fearlessly unveils her journey into the pursuit of pleasure.

9 May

The Aching

Samir Kennedy

The Aching is an exploration of the temporality of grief.

11 May


Samir Kennedy

CHAOS BALLAD lurks somewhere between concert, cabaret and nightmare.

16 May

Performance Dork

Daniel Oliver

Performance Dork is a participatory adventure show about being a performance art dork, and wanting to do dorky performance art things.

Two women in an apartment with pink wallpaper. Both are grabbing for a pink ribbon. One woman is standing on a dining room table. The other woman is reaching up with one arm to try and grab the ribbon.

22 - 23 May

Pieces of a Woman

TR Warszawa / Kornél Mundruczó / Kata Wéber

Presenting TR Warszawa’s UK stage premiere from the makers of hit Netflix film ‘Pieces of a Woman’.

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