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19 & 26 May

James Acaster: Hecklers Welcome

James Acaster has decided to give up control and let the audience do what they want while he tries to tell stories. It’s an experiment!

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27 May

Ed MacArthur: The Launch
Work in Progress

The award-winning Ed MacArthur brings The Launch to BAC; a madcap, multi-instrumental rollercoaster of razor-sharp wit, original songs and stunning musicianship.

31 May & 22 Jun

Olga Koch: Just Friends
Work in Progress

Olga Koch does stand-up comedy onstage and creates cathartic performance art in the privacy of her own home.

30 May - 5 June

Grin: Digital

Grin: Digital is a fruition of performance, sound, visuals and choreography which subverts hyper-sexualised notions of African and Caribbean dance.

6 June & 1 July

Shelf: Hair

Shelf are a musical comedy double act. Sort of. One of them is tone-deaf, so technically they're a musical single act plus guest.

8 June

Amy Gledhill: The Girl Before The Girl You Marry (WIP) & Esther Manito: #NotAllMen (WIP)

A work-in-progress double bill with Amy Gledhill and Esther Manito.

9 June & 14 July

Crybabies: Bagbeard
Work in Progress

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the woods... Join James (still tall), Ed (less handsome) and Michael (???) on a sci-fi infected narrative sketch adventure about finding home, forbidden love, monsters, mystery and massive regret.

12 May, 16 June, 4 & 11 July

Isy Suttie: Work in Progress

Isy’s always searching for adventure in life, but now that she’s a mum with a partner who hates surprises, can she still find it? And why does she need it anyway?

20 & 30 June

Sami Abu Wardeh: Bedu
Work in Progress

Sami Abu Wardeh uses his body and voice to present an hour of character comedy that may feel dangerous but is probably as safe as milk or houses.

29 June - 2 July

The Making of Pinocchio

A true tale of love and transition told through the story of Pinocchio. Join two artists on a fantastical journey through a real-life story as they make a new version of Pinocchio.   

13 May & 29 June

Christopher Bliss: Work in Progress

Christopher Bliss is a village-renowned novelist and son of two. WARNING: This show contains scenes that some viewers may find extremely nice.

15, 27 Apr & 2 July

Sophie Duker: Work in Progress

Sophie's Edinburgh Fringe show, Venus, saw her nominated for the Best Newcomer Award. She also won the 2021 Funny Women Best Comedy Writer Award, as voted for by producers, head writers and executives across the industry.

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