Co-Creating Change Festival 2021

22–26 Nov • In-person and online • Pay what you can

Explore radical new ways of working together that the world urgently needs.

Five days of workshops, case studies, seminars and live performance. Some talk, lots of action.


The in-person events will take place at Battersea Arts Centre in London on Tues 23 and Weds 24 Nov. (120 places only).

Online-only sessions will take place on Airmeet on Mon 21, Thu 25 and Fri 26 Nov.

ALL the sessions (online or in-person) will be live-streamed.

You can book an in-person ticket or an online pass. Whichever kind of ticket you book, you’ll get access to ALL the online sessions. You can watch these live or whenever suits you.

All tickets are Pay What You Can (recommended price £25)


We’re bringing together examples from around the world of new ways to collaborate, commission and create – ways that work towards more just and equitable futures.

Join us for 5 days of workshops, case studies, seminars and live performance. Get big picture inspiration and a deep dive into the details. Some talk, lots of action.

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The Co-Creating Change Festival is a 5 day event, inviting anyone involved in the arts to come together, share expertise and explore vital questions: about how we might challenge and change the broken systems in which we find ourselves.

What does co-creative arts practice look like in the context of a world underpinned by exploitative economic systems, often rooted in white supremacy and oppressive, imperialistic capitalism?

Join an international gathering of artists, companies, funders, commissioners and practitioners to seek, together, new ways of working, different models, that we urgently need to shift broken power dynamics.

We want this to be a conversation that acknowledges the global context in which we find ourselves: from the pandemic, to the war on terror, hostile border control to climate change, we are trying to live/ thrive/ work/ survive under some trying circumstances.

And yet we resist through our everyday lives, through joyful interactions and sparks that centre our humanity. We believe co-creative arts projects that give space to these moments and allow space for rest and resistance are vital.

So how do we do this work, how can we learn from each-other and how do we share resources and power more equitably?


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10am: Co-Creation and International Practice

Provocations from international speakers, world music, breakout rooms and interactive workshops from across the globe.

2.30pm: International Commissions

We have commissioned two UK based organisations to pair with two international organisations to:Spend time talking and sharing ( online) about the work that they are doing, the change(s) that they are trying to make and how they are co-creating with their communities.

There have been no specific outcomes expected from these conversations but we are hoping that the commissions give us new global ways of working and sharing ideas that don’t involve flying but enable us to have meaningful international dialogue and exchange.

What do you have in common and what is different?

How has this international collaborator inspired you both?

What are the benefits of international collaboration and how can we still meaningfully connect with the world without adding to the carbon footprint?

We have commissioned:

Doorstep Arts who will be working with John Namai, who is a Nairobi-based storyteller working predominantly with children and young people as a participatory story teller, mentor and Facilitator. He is a founding member of Zamaleo Act, an East Africa centre for Artistic Excellence, specialized in participatory educational theatre and the Annual storytelling festival, which has been running for over a decade. He is a winner of the 2015 Awesome Foundation Grant, to transform Nairobi with traditional stories.

Knowle West Media centre who will be working with The League of Creative Interventionists (LOCI) .The LOCI are based in the USA and support projects that harness the creativity of local residents to create stronger, healthier, and more vibrant communities. They do this by funding individuals—the LOCI fellows—who collaborate with planners, non-profits, local residents, and public officials to think differently and implement innovative solutions to a broad range of community needs. LOCI fellows include artists, neighbourhood leaders, concerned mothers, social workers, teachers, and architects—all people with a passion for their community and ideas to help transform them. They range in age and identity, but are unified in creating opportunities for community residents to come together, often in public spaces, to participate in and benefit from Fellow projects.

4.30pm: Closing Session



12pm: networking

Arrive, have a hot drink, find a seat, go to the loo, meet old and new colleagues and settle into the beautiful grand hall.

12.30pm: lunch

Vegan and vegetarian options available.

1.15pm: welcome

Welcome from Sarah Blowers, director of the Co-Creating Change network. An overview of the network, what we have achieved, a snapshot of the week’s festival and general housekeeping.

1.30pm: Co-Creation: if not now, when? If not us, who?
3.30pm: Co-Creating Theatre and Placemaking
6pm: Tour of BAC
6.30pm: Hot Dinner Dates
8pm: Rent Party (not livestreamed)



10am: Lemonaid response unit
10.30am: Co-Creation and changing the rules- can we do it? Led by the Union Chapel
1pm: lunch
1.45pm: Young Foundation and Growth Commissions Live at Battersea Arts Centre. How do we grow and replicate our work?
3.15pm: Keynote: Marsha de Cordova



10am: Co-Creating cultural programmes
2pm: Knowle west media centre and Grizedale Arts
2.30pm: Jennifer Jackson
4pm: Halima Malek: SheSpoke



10am: Who pays for co-creation and how does it work?
10.30am: Creativity Works
12pm: Code of ethics and co-creation


The in-person events will take place at Battersea Arts Centre in London on Tues 23 and Weds 24 November. (120 places only).

The online-only seminars will take place on Airmeet on Mon 21, Thu 25 and Fri 26 November.

ALL the sessions (online or in-person) will be live-streamed.

You can book an in-person ticket or an online pass. Whichever kind of ticket you book, you’ll get access to ALL the online sessions. You can watch these live or whenever suits you.

All tickets are Pay What You Can.



As part of our wider commitment to making the arts accessible to everyone, all performances at Battersea Arts Centre will now be part of our universal Pay What You Can pricing model.

Use the slider or list of prices to decide how much you want to pay for your ticket. To give you a guide, we’ve included a recommended price for each event. Any amount paid over this will help us continue to make our events accessible to everyone, whilst supporting our activities with artists, young people and our local community.

Head to our blog to find out more about Pay What You Can.


This event takes place online. 

You will receive an email from us before your event detailing important information about accessing the events.

All events will be Relaxed. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and move around if you need to. You can adjust the brightness and volume of your device at any time.

If you need to take a break, we recommend moving away from your device to do so.

All digital events will be captioned.

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