Revisiting Roger Casement in the Amazon

Mark Maughan


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Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre

Through a week-long programme in collaboration with thinkers, makers and activists from both sides of the Atlantic, artist Mark Maughan invites audiences into the making process for a new performance piece.

Join Mark Maughan for a week of sessions to collectively unpick a series of enquiries and begin to imagine how these might translate into a future performance. 

About the project

From 1907 to 1913, the UK funded Peruvian Amazon Company operated at the height of the rubber boom on land now belonging to Colombia. In 1911, an Ireland born British diplomat called Roger Casement wrote a report so damning, that the company was called in front of UK Parliament for committing genocide against an estimated 60,000 Indigenous Peoples and subsequently liquidated.  

Casement became a household name overnight as a defender of human rights, before a very public decline soon followed due to his political and sexual persuasions, leading to his execution at Pentonville Prison. Still to date, the violent impact of the UK rubber trade on the people of the Colombian Amazon is yet to be reconciled. 

With a background as a translator for NGOs in Colombia, theatre maker Mark Maughan has spent the last two years working with the four nations of La Chorrera: the Uitoto, Okaina, Muinane and Bora, on a theatre project that starts with the unheard perspectives of this history, exploring the tension between the desire for objective truth and the inescapable subjectivity of theatrical retelling. 

Open Research is a new strand of support for artists to explore projects creatively with a public audience as part of their making process.  

It is inspired by Reena Kalsi’s Process programme at Roundhouse London (2022). 

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Schedule of Enquiries

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Day 1: Context and perspectives
What does this story mean for the UK, both then and now?
Day 2: Theatre and (in)justice
How do we bring something to justice within a performance context?
Day 3: Representation and interpretation
When can you share an experience of the world if you are not the one who has experienced it? 
Day 4: Endnote

After consolidating findings with a dramaturg, the week will culminate in a public summary with some reflections and questions that grew over the week, and a small taste of some of the future explorations to come.



Commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre, and supported by MSN Fund and Festival Brújula al Sur.



This event takes place in person in our Recreation Room. This space is on the first floor, with step-free access via a lift.

If you have booked a ticket you will receive an email from us before your performance detailing important information about your visit.



  • Details on content of events to be confirmed.

All sessions will be Relaxed. We invite you to make yourself comfortable and move around if you need to and if you need to leave the space at any point you will be allowed to return when you feel ready.

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